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Regenesi custom products

Custom products, such as gifts for clients, corporate gifting, internal / external marketing materials, ad hoc gadgets ... Regenesi customized products are an exclusive source of value and a firm symbol of the company's commitment to sustainability. We offer a wide range of products (including packaging) that can be customized in terms of color, style and graphics, insertion of company logo, name of the recipient etc., all aimed at building a winning brand image.



Case study

Gruppo IMA (Industria Macchine Automatiche) is a multinational leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and more.



IMA Group hoped to offer its high-end customers a range of business gifts, made in Italy, with a high aesthetic value and zero impact on the environment: perfectly in line with its brand values and commitment to sustainability.


Regenesi’s role

In addition to designing ad hoc gadgets, we personalized our existing range of eco-sustainable products and packaging with Gruppo IMA’s colors, graphics and logo.


Value for Gruppo IMA

Gruppo IMA was able to continue promoting its green credentials with sustainable and branded gifts.


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